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The Early Years: 1948-49

Topical Philately Related to Mohandas K. Gandhi

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bulletJanuary 13-18, 1948 Slogan Mark.   Before the first Gandhi stamps were issued by India, these were propaganda slogans used by the Delhi and Calcutta post offices during the last of Gandhi's many "fasts".
bulletAugust 15, 1948 Mourning Issue.  The first set of Gandhi stamps, issued on the first Anniversary of India's independence.
bulletDecember 14, 1948 Special Cancel.  The historical meeting of the 55th Indian National Congress was held in Jaipur, in the princely state of Rajasthan.   Exhibited here are special cancels during this occasion (in English and Hindi) on covers with the Gandhi memorial stamps.
bulletJanuary 31, 1949 Slogan Mark.  On the first anniversary of Gandhi's assassination, post offices all over India used a line from a popular hymn sung by Gandhi and his followers.  The line was printed in Devanagiri script (Hindi), in a variety of designs as slogan marks.