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Republic of India (Bharat)- Postal History

Stamp issuing began in 1854 by the British East India Company.

East India Company issues as "INDIA" were issued from 1954 and were replaced in 1855 by crown "EAST INDIA" issues.  In 1882, issues of the Indian Empire began, again as "INDIA".  Very few stamps (only 182) were issued until 1946.  From the mid-1920, most stamps were printed in India.   Indian post offices existed in a number of countries: Strait Settlements until 1867, Zanzibar until 1896, Somaliland until 1903, Kuwait until 1923, Bahrain until 1933, Aden and Burma until 1837, Oman until 1947 and Bhutan until 1854.

Indian stamps were also used in Tibet, Bangkok, East Africa and several towns in Iran, Iraq and the Emirates of Arabia.