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Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbander (Gujarat/India) in 1869 and stayed in the province of Gujarat until he was 19.  He attended primary school in Rajkot until the age of 12, entered Khatiawad High School in 1881 and married Kasturba Nakanji that year.  His father died when he was 15.  At 18, he graduated from High School and joined Salmadas College at Bhavnagar.  Just before he turned 19, Gandhi left Rajkot for Bombay and set sail for England (to study Law) in 1888.  He reached London and joined the Inner Temple before the end of the year.  A year and a half later, he passed the matriculation examination.  He joined the Vegetarian Society and the Theosophical Society that year.  The following year (1891) Gandhi  was called to the Bar, enrolled in the High Court and set sail for India the next day.  He reached Bombay to learn that his mother had passed away in his absence.